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My expertise is in managing expectations

I am a multi-disciplinary with an industrial design background, and I have experience as a small business owner.

I have worked in the web, the creative field, a decade as a marketing director, to the last four years focused on UX design.


My process starts with understanding what the brand stands for because that is what gives the company direction and what users will come to love and expect from the brand.

Using Apple as an example, the brand is known for developing software and hardware that are not only visually appealing but simple and easy to use.


Once I know what the brand is about, I can communicate and create experiences both in the physical and digital world to convey that message.

Apple’s stores and most successful advertisements consist of a simple white background and a silhouette with minimal text which carries over what the brand is about, simplicity.

icon-3_gt-uxUX Design

The brand and the marketing strategy must be integrated into the user experience because that is what the user is expecting from the brand.

Almost a decade later, not only is the hardware design simple, but the iOS of an iPhone’s simple user interface has remained consistently the same, and it is considered to be the most intuitive to learn and use.

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with a skill set rooted in

data driven research AND strategy/problem solving

Through research, I work towards avoiding “coming up with solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist.” Without it, it is all too common to see cookie-cutter solutions that are aesthetically driven rather than solutions that are addressing real issues, users, customers, and challenges that are in line with the brand.

core roles

  • Marketing director
  • Brand consultant
  • User experience design: UX design/research
  • Digital marketing specialist

A background in:

  • Graphic Design: a focus on bitmap graphics to photo retouching.
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, to PHP/SQL (PHPBB, vbulletin), via wordpad or a WYSIWYG.
  • Photography: a focus on product photography (continuous to strobe lighting).
  • Digital marketing: SEO, SEM, FB/IG ads, email, to social media: IG and Facebook.
  • Model making to carpentry: spent several summers fabricating shoji screens to industrial design college courses in model making to furniture design.
  • Food/BOH: from Italian, Mexican to a specialization in Japanese cuisine.
  • Mechanic: a focus on automotive imports: from tuning, diagnostics to a specialized knowledge in engine and suspension tuning to safety equipment and brake systems.
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From automotive, dotcom, petroleum, food, to health

Being process driven, I have been able to work across multiple industries

Early in my career, I had worked in a number of industries, but in the last decade-and-a-half, I have worked with and helped build these companies/brands.



“Greg came to Race Technologies as a car enthusiast, a marketing professional, and as a…

Bob Chmelka, Senior Account Manager, Race Technologies, Irvine, CA

“Greg is very meticulous and organized about the tasks & projects which he decides to take on at RT…

Ganesh Krishnan, Friction Specialist, Race Technologies, Irvine, CA

“Greg was a huge asset to the marketing direction of Axial during his time here. His ability to strategize…

Matt Kearney, Lead Product Designer at Axial, Mission Viejo, CA

the last 3 years in the food/restaurant industry

Events, restaurateur, to digital marketing

The food of over 4 billion people is not a trend.

303 Night Market is an event that is currently being planned for Colorado. Taniguchi Ramen is a pop-up that can be found at select events. Oishii Desu is one of the leading sources for Japanese food and culture on the West Coast.

Taniguchi Ramen pop-up: Hakata style tonkotsu ramen

Contribution to the Westword article “Why is My Ramen So Milky?” about Japanese ramen by Mark Antonation.

Gyokai tonkotsu tsukemen

We connect and network communities and people.

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Case study: the last half-decade

Race Technologies, LLC: official partner to Brembo for logistics and market management of the Brembo Sport/Performance, and Racing programs.
Brembo, S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of automotive brake systems, especially for high-performance cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lexus, to Cadillac) and motorcycles (Aprilia to Triumph) based in Bergamo, near Milan.
My role: I worked with the CEO/founder throughout the entire UXR (User Experience Research) process from the research to concepting/sketching, site maps, task flows, lo/hi-fidelity wireframes, to measurement.

Imagery is of the Kilometro Rosso where Brembo is headquartered.

Three examples of how we connected people to Brembo

At RT, our objective was to “be the solution” which meant RT’s role was to make the process of purchasing and servicing Brembo products as quickly, simply, and as enjoyable of an experience as possible.

1. The diversity and specialization of dealers and distributors

Developing the “dealer locator” feature always takes me back to when I bought my Cannondale bike. On the Cannondale website they have their bikes segmented into “mountain,” “electric,” “road bike,” “urban,” to “women,” yet they have their dealers lumped all together. That made it hard to locate what I was looking for since their dealers do not carry the entire product line, and many of them specialized in one type of bike more than another.

That same diversity of product and dealers was a lot like the Brembo Performance market which was identified through the user and product segmentation research (we had a staff with with a minimum of 8 years experience). The data we gathered contributed to the development of the locate a dealer functionality which allowed the user to find a shop that specialized in having their Porsche set-up for a track day, or to a tire and wheel shop for a routine pad/fluid change.

2. Brembo has been a partner with Audi amongst many others

A marketing objective was to communicate Brembo’s capabilities which was to juxtapose Brembo’s massive involvement in not only racing, but also as a OEM supplier compared to the smaller and limited capabilities of other products in the market. To achieve this, one tactic was to have every “year, make, and model” search deliver up a a small brief in the product results page about Brembo specific to the “make” search such as with Audi:

“Audi/Quattro GMBH and Brembo have had a long relationship from supplying the original Audi R8C Le Mans Prototype all the way to the current R18 E-TRON Quattro. Brembo also supplies the Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT program as well. Brembo can be found on several high performance OE Audi platforms like the Audi R8.”


3. From noobs, track rats, to industry pro’s

User specific product descriptions: content was designed to match the level of experience and knowledge of the user, so for the application lists we designed the extent of information/terms to cater to dealers. Whereas general product information was aimed at users not as familiar with the products and product lines, so we focused on the benefits over citing extensive product specs like a “355mm disc diameter, 32mm disc width, 54mm annulus, 16mm air gap, to a 48 vane curved vane design.” That was replaced with “upgrade and replace your heavy 1-piece rotor to a lightweight 2-piece disc system: comprised of an aluminum bell and outer iron disc…”

None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the collaboration of a number of people inside and outside of RT because.

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