Events: Axial, RCX (2008)



In the radio control (R/C) industry, events were used as a venue between vendors on who could do the biggest booth. To not join in on the rat race of who could out do each other, we focused on creating a fun and memorable experience.


We created an experience straight out of our print (magazine) ad which touted the R/C rock crawler as a product that you can “conquer all terrain, even in your own backyard.” Having a tiny booth illustrated how you could use an R/C product in such small confines which was unheard of at that time because the the product not only created a new segment,  but it was also electric powered. Most products in the market were loud gas/nitro fueled buggies that required wide open areas to zip around safely in.

Since you don’t need big wide open areas or a track, we were able to give product demo’s within this 10×10 spot (bigger booth space is not always better).