with a skill set rooted in

data driven research AND strategy/problem solving

Through research, I work towards avoiding “coming up with solutions to a problem that do not exist.” Without it, it is all too common to see cookie-cutter solutions that are aesthetically driven rather than solutions that are addressing real issues, users, customers, and challenges that are in line with your brand.

core roles

Brand Strategist
Marketing Director
User Experience Design: UX Design/Research
Digital Marketing Specialist

A background in

Entrepreneur: from my first business till now, my goal was “how not to go out of business.”
Graphic Design: packaging, ads, iconography, infographics, to event marketing.
Web Development: HTML, CSS, to PHP/SQL (PHPBB, vbulletin, to eCommerce platforms), via wordpad to WYSIWYG (Dreamweaver) and WordPress.
Photography: continuous/strobe lighting photography, along with post (photoshop).
Digital Marketing: SEO, SEM, FB/IG ads, email, to social media: IG and Facebook.
Model Making to Carpentry: spent a summer fabricating Japanese shoji screens to industrial design courses in model making to furniture design.
Food/BOH: from Italian, Mexican, Southern, to a specialization in Japanese cuisine.
Mechanic: a focus on automotive imports: from tuning, diagnostics to a specialized knowledge in engine and suspension tuning to safety equipment and brake systems.