with a skill set rooted in

data driven research AND strategy/problem solving

Through research, I work towards avoiding “coming up with solutions to a problem that doesn’t exist.” Without it, it is all too common to see cookie-cutter solutions that are aesthetically driven rather than solutions that are addressing real issues, users, customers, and challenges that are in line with the brand.

core roles

  • Marketing director
  • Brand consultant
  • User experience design: UX design/research
  • Digital marketing specialist

A background in:

  • Graphic Design: a focus on bitmap graphics to photo retouching.
  • Web development: HTML, CSS, to PHP/SQL (PHPBB, vbulletin), via wordpad or a WYSIWYG.
  • Photography: a focus on product photography (continuous to strobe lighting).
  • Digital marketing: SEO, SEM, FB/IG ads, email, to social media: IG and Facebook.
  • Model making to carpentry: spent several summers fabricating shoji screens to industrial design college courses in model making to furniture design.
  • Food/BOH: from Italian, Mexican to a specialization in Japanese cuisine.
  • Mechanic: a focus on automotive imports: from tuning, diagnostics to a specialized knowledge in engine and suspension tuning to safety equipment and brake systems.