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Being process driven, I have been able to work across multiple industries

Early in my career, I had worked in a number of industries, but in the last decade-and-a-half, I have worked with and helped build these companies/brands.


  • At 22 y/o, opened Racer X, one of the first import performance tuner shops in San Jose, CA (located right off the 280 and Saratoga Ave). Was the first major Z.Speed/Skunk2 dealer. Along with a major dealer for Momo, PIAA, Hotshot, Magnecor, GReddy, to several other prestigious brands.
  • Asked to come back to help the owner/founder/CEO in turning the Skunk2 brand around from near bankruptcy. This was done in under a year through restructuring and engagement. The brand has been able to sustain itself as an industry leader for well over over a decade and a half (from a cable TV show/Street Tuner Challenge to appearing in the Black Eyed Peas video Pump it).
  • Defined and refined both the Gibson Performance and Axial brands. At Gibson and Axial, I built the marketing department, along with their media library. With the Axial brand, it went on to become an industry leader in a segment we had established which was R/C rock crawling (heavily inspired by the 1:1 market).
  • Worked with the founder/CEO in delineating and developing the Race Technologies brand from Brembo S.p.A. Prior to that, there was brand ambiguity between the two entities which was a contentious issue with Brembo, a 2-billion dollar a year Italian company. On top of that, the media library to the website was all developed ground-up – two major achievements, graphically depicting the Brembo product line-up with a simple series of horizontal lines based on “intended usage.” The second, categorized the market and dealers from a “tire and wheel” to “track prep/tuner”. This improved UX for “locate a dealer,” along with minimizing conflict between businesses (by not lumping them all together as the same).
  • was started to address the numerous issues within the media, although during the pandemic, the site has gone on to become one of the biggest, if not the biggest site for Japanese food and culture. The site draws 16-21k unique/visitors per month, all organic traffic with no paid ads.
  • Cost effectively started and operated a pop-up restaurant (the first event did over 160 orders in less than one hour). The objective of the pop-up was to develop a cost-effective solution between food trucks and brick and mortars.
  • Was asked to speak to the company and CEO of GoFundMe via Zoom. During that speaking opportunity, we were 1 of only 4 awarded $5,000 for our non-profit initiative. We raised a total of $14k on GoFundMe which was primarily from friends and colleagues (filmmakers/documentarians, food industry, to even an ex-girlfriend).
  • “Your Stomach Loves Us” gave away $13k worth of food to Harlem, NYC. The event was a goodwill gesture although the point of the event was focused on messaging. We wanted to pull people together versus creating more polarization (tribalism). Our main tagline was “You Good? We Gotchu.” Oh, and and all individuals involved worked remotely.


“Greg came to Race Technologies as a car enthusiast, a marketing professional, and as a…

Bob Chmelka, Senior Account Manager, Race Technologies, Irvine, CA

“Greg is very meticulous and organized about the tasks & projects which he decides to take on at RT…

Ganesh Krishnan, Friction Specialist, Race Technologies, Irvine, CA

“Greg was a huge asset to the marketing direction of Axial during his time here. His ability to strategize…

Matt Kearney, Lead Product Designer at Axial, Mission Viejo, CA

the last 3 years in the food/restaurant industry

Events, restaurateur (the pandemic has created some new challenges), to digital marketing

The food of over 4 billion people is not a fad.

303 Night Market is an event that is currently being planned for Colorado. Taniguchi Ramen is a pop-up that can be found at select events. Oishii Desu is one of the largest, if not the largest source (16-21k unique/visitors per month) for Japanese food and culture on the West Coast. Stew Shack is a new venture in 2021 where I have become a partner to this 8-year old B2B product. My role is to take it beyond one of the items on the menu of a multi-million dollar international seafood chain based out of Los Angeles.

Taniguchi Ramen pop-up: Hakata style tonkotsu ramen. Most ramen in the U.S. will be from “instant ramen stock,” but this pork broth was made from scratch, all 3 components of the stock.

Contribution to the Westword article “Why is My Ramen So Milky?” about Japanese ramen by Mark Antonation.

Gyokai tonkotsu tsukemen

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