Matt Kearney, Lead Product Designer at Axial, Mission Viejo, CA

“Greg was a huge asset to the marketing direction of Axial during his time here. His ability to strategize…

…and develop a specialized marketing approach was key in helping establish the Axial brand in the market place.

He was able to bring it all together by utilizing a strong marketing mix through advertising, events, social media, and web-based program.

He was able to help implement and develop a web program that would eventually lead to the website we have currently. His ability to analyze the back-end of our site through Google analytics removed dead links and improved the overall ability for our customers to get the information they needed. He also implemented an online blog that helped bring more information to our clients than through typical marketing materials.

His ability to develop a brand message in our advertising program and tie it into an advertising campaign led to several ads that are still talked about today in our industry. Several of those ads also led to some of the highest website numbers we had ever had at the time.

Greg was able to improve the return on several of the events we had been doing at the time. His ability to think outside of the box to create a draw item while reducing costs and improving back-end return through video, photos, and advertising helped to justify more events. He was also key in developing one of our largest events at the time the Axial West Coast Championship which is the basis of our largest yearly event currently.

Greg had the foresight to see that the industry had relied primarily on print media and knew that Axial needed to branch out from there and start to generate their own media coverage. This foresight is what led to the beginning of the Axial social media program with the creation of the Axial Facebook page and YouTube pages. These two accounts represent one of our largest avenues for marketing today.

I highly recommend Greg Taniguchi, he has proven his ability to strategize, implement and deliver on all marketing fronts. He will be a huge asset to any organization that he works for.”