My expertise is in managing expectations

I am a multi-disciplinary with an industrial design background, and I have experience as a small business owner.

I have worked in the web, the creative field, a decade as a marketing director, to the last four years focused on UX design.


My process starts with understanding what the brand stands for because that is what gives the company direction and what users will come to love and expect from the brand.

Using Apple as an example, the brand is known for developing software and hardware that are not only visually appealing but simple and easy to use.


Once I know what the brand is about, I can communicate and create experiences both in the physical and digital world to convey that message.

Apple’s stores and most successful advertisements consist of a simple white background and a silhouette with minimal text which carries over what the brand is about, simplicity.

icon-3_gt-uxUX Design

The brand and the marketing strategy must be integrated into the user experience because that is what the user is expecting from the brand.

Almost a decade later, not only is the hardware design simple, but the iOS of an iPhone’s simple user interface has remained consistently the same, and it is considered to be the most intuitive to learn and use.